National Taiwan University Alumni Association of Greater New York


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Rules for Scholarship Awards to NTU-2 High School Students


The purpose of the Scholarship Awards by the National Taiwan University Alumni Association of Greater New York, Inc. (“NTUAA-GNY” hereafter) is to promote alumni’s solidarity and recognize member’s children (“NTU-2” hereafter) leadership qualities in academics, extracurricular activities, and community services.

Recipients and Amount of Awards

1.        The total amount of awards in each year shall not exceed $1,500.

2.        The amount of individual award and the number of recipients will be determined by the Board of Directors of NTUAA-GNY (“Board” hereafter).

Scholarship Review Committee (as a Special Committee according to Article 8, Section 3)

1.        The Scholarship Committee (“Committee” hereafter) shall consist of three members.  The president of NTUAA-GNY shall recommend the Committee Chair for approval by the Board. The Committee Chair shall then recruit members.  Any member thereof may be removed by the Committee Chair whenever in his/her judgment the best interests of the Association will be served by such removal.  Each member shall serve a two-year term.  In the event of vacancy by any member before his/her term expires, the replacement member shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.

2.        In the event that a Director’s children are eligible to be a candidate for the award, the Director can not serve on the Committee.  His/her membership on the Committee shall be replaced by an alternate Director for the year of concern.  In addition, the children of the incumbent President are not eligible for the award for the year that the President holds the office.

Qualification of Applicants

1.        Applicants shall be children of NTUAA-GNY members.

2.        Eligible applicants are limited to high school students who are seniors at the time of the Association’s Annual Meeting usually held in the fall.

3.        Applicants shall possess the following:

a)       Academically achieved with a GPA average of 3.5 and above.

b)       Extraordinary community services.

c)       Outstanding extracurricular activities.

Application Procedures

1.        The applicants shall submit the following documents before the deadline specified in the application form: the application form, a copy of official school transcript, two reference letters, and one-page assay to describe yourself and career goals.

Review/Announcement/Presentation of Awards

1.        The Committee shall meet to select the successful candidates.  The Committee may solicit opinions from outside experts as needed for input in specialty areas.

2.        The successful candidates will be notified prior to the Association’s Annual Meeting.  The presentation of the certificate and monetary award to the successful candidates shall be held in the Annual Meeting.

3.        Successful candidates shall be personally present to receive the award or be disqualified.


The Board approves the Rules of Scholarship Awards as listed above, and has the right to revise it when necessary.


Application Form for Scholarship Award